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Coventry Drone Ban....update Feb 19

Kerry broadcast his appeal to Coventry City Council not to ban recreational flights of drones live from his DJI Mavic Air - watch it here

Coventry City Council have agreed to defer the ban and have accepted Kerry's offer to work with them to devise a new policy...watch this space - article here

And to top it all Kerry was the 'hero of the week' thanks to @ikopta on Twitter - watch here

Kerry has now received his Freedom of Information Act response which was submitted to Coventry City Council. It details all 'drone" incidents reported to the council in Coventry over the last 3 years, suffice to say it doesn't give any grounds to support the ban! more on this soon.

Kerry is due to meet with Coventry City Council officials on Thursday 21st February 2019. Early indications suggest that council officers are still against recreational drone flying BUT ultimately it's down to the elected cabinet members to make that decision.

I plan a further YouTube broadcast once I've had my meeting with the council, till then, safe and legal flying.....

Coventry War Memorial

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